Newton’s laws in AR

I developed Newton’s laws in AR as part of my thesis project for my Master’s in DTU. The app is an experiment into using an AR mobile app to supplement teaching a subject in physics were visualization was hard from the student’s side. It was developed in collaboration with Diana Popescu and her students from Ordrup gymnasium in Charlottenlund.

I developed this app with Unity3D, using the ARFoundation package. It was mostly optimized and tested for Android devices.

The app poses questions to the student-player about the outcome of actions in different context (on earth, in space). Answers are not directly provided; instead, the student-player has to construct their own meaning.

In this project I explored game development patterns and easy ways of ensuring extensibility of the project. I also researched AR design principles for learning software and general user experience guidelines.

A short video presentation of the app

The project on github

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